These creative designers turned children’s drawings into fantastic plush toys

For a few years now, the Swedish company IKEA has been designing limited collections of quirky plush toys to be sold across the world, with part of the proceeds going to charity. But last year they decided to enlist their little customers to help with the task: ten lucky winners created doodles that were later turned into actual physical toys. As usual, $1 or €1 from each purchase went to UNICEF and the ‘Save the Children’ Foundation to help raise funds for schools, supplies, and other educational endeavors.

We at Bright Side believe that projects like this really make the world a better place.

Thymeo, four years old, Belgium

Stella, six years old, Cyprus

Dora, seven years old, UK

Koen, ten years old, Netherlands

Albert, seven years old, Romania

You-Chen Wu, six years old, Taiwan

Maja, eight years old, and John, five years old, Norway

Terrence, six years old, Malaysia

Karla, ten years old, Croatia


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